Q: How do you offer your help on business development?




A: Our specialist first will learn your business, understand your needs, and do a market research on methods and ways to grow. Once this is reached, a meeting to understand the scope is needed, in which we will present our ways to help. When approving these ways, we will do the work for you, bring more business in, find more markets to grow to, help on export your goods to new markets, help communicating with foreign entities or maybe find suppliers to buy and import from.

Yes, we can do all that, we do it all the time.




Q: If I need to find suppliers to my business to import goods, can you help too?




A: Yes, our business development specialists together with communication services can do exactly that for you. We can find suppliers in different countries, using many languages we support: English, French, Spanish, Italian but also Arabic and Hebrew. We will find the suppliers you need, make first contact, bring the business in and help communicating, leaving you to only manage your business.

Contact us and find out how!



Q: How big the scale of the company needs to be that you will work with it? Do you accept requests from SMBs or only from big corporations?



A:  We’ve never had particularly strict benchmarks on how big a company must be so we can take it onboard. We’ve always welcomed the SMB businesses to become our clients and highlighted, that in the modern competitive rhythm the business world lives and works in, SMBs need our help more than big corporations do! SMBs can benefit better, and become bigger. Our help on business development can assure that.

Interested in having your business reach a certain corner of the globe?

We can help!



Q: If I need Apps development, can you do that? What should be my budget?



A:  We have experience developing Apps for iOS or Android. We are developing Apps since Palm Pilot (year 2000), through Treo (2008) and surely Android and iOS. We have developed several Apps and games. We are using technologies like Android Studio, Swift, Unity, Java, Python, PHP, NodeJS and many others. We know how to develop the App or the game for devices but also for back end. Apps and Games can be developed within 3 months with 2-3 people (device side, server side and a designer) or sometimes for bigger projects, can take more than a year with a much bigger stuff. Accordingly budget might start with 10,000 US$.

We know how to develop fast but still keep budget low,

We are doing that for our clients all the time!


Q: How about other developments? Or is it only Apps?


A:  Since we employ programmers in many fields of technologies, like web developers, PC developers, Mac developers or any device developers, we actually can provide any development solution whats so ever. We can support any computer language currently trending and any current technology.

Computer languages we easily support: Python, PHP, NodeJS, AngularJS, Go, React, C#, C++, QT and many many others. Just try us.

Technologies we support: Blockchain, Machine Learning and AI, Web Technologies, Mobile Device Technologies, Computer Technologies.

Mobile Languages we support: Swift, Objective C, Android Studio, Java, Javascript, HTML5 and even cross platform languages like Unity, Phonegap, React Native, Titanium and even Flutter.

We also have good experience with databases like Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB or BI tools like Oracle Business Intelligence.

We can support any technology, any language.

We have more than 150 developers in 2 development centers to do that!


Q: What about prices for all or any service?



A: Try us!

We are competitive, and more important we bring the results you need.

Contact us now and find more about specific price you need.