Now & Then

Easytech was established in 1993 with the goal of designing advanced technology solutions for the diamond industry locally (in Israel) and globally.  Today, Easytech keeps using top technologies for customers solutions, as well as helping local and global entities achieve business goals

Diamonds Forever

In 1998, Easytech collaborated with Martin Rapaport (founder of the Rapaport Diamond Report) and designed a software for managing diamond inventories which was utilized in the Diamond and Jewelry industries worldwide.  A year later, Easytech developed “GemoLab”, a software designed for running a gemological lab, including issuing gemological certificates to buyers.

Easytech is revolutionary

This does not pertain to diamonds alone.  Easytech was the first company to develop a mobile software for agents and hence spearheaded this industry!  This was in 2000 (!), when the mobile industry was at its early stages and its most innovative product was the “Palm Pilot”.

We do the groundwork

As mentioned, Easytech developed advanced solutions in task management (TaskGimm), which brought about the creation of “Easy Track”, a mobile software (for the palm pilot, as mentioned) in the Surveys field for Fast Moving Customer Goods – FMCG, a year later.   This innovative system, which enabled conducting field surveys and retail studies (order surveys, shelf space, pricing, expiration dates and more), was later purchased by Nielsen (a market research firm) and still operates in over forty countries world-wide.  Starting in 2011, Easytech once-again provides Nielsen with technology solutions for Easy Track systems, mobile, and servers as well as management, development, and maintenance services.

Mobile DB and BI

Moreover, Easytech developed technology solutions for mobile and back-end support systems that incorporated an oracle database with various control and inspection support software for data transferred from the mobile to the servers as well as some reports systems through Oracle Business Intelligence – OBI.  The report system, as well as other software, have all been upgraded later on.

A brilliant idea

In 2006, Easytech launched the Diamond Location Systems (RF-based, with active and passive RFID technology), for jewelry and diamonds recognition and monitoring.  The systems were designed to conduct daily inventory assessments and monitor real-time jewelry theft and loss.

And Now...

We do all of the things mentioned above, and much more:

As of 2015, Easytech continues to develop/innovate in the Mobile, Gaming and Applications industries

By doing so, in the past 25 years, Easytech established itself as the developer of complex, creative, and unique mobile solutions that constitute change in many disciplines world-wide.

Communication & Business Development

Today, our services extend to numerous industries, i.e., high-tech, trade, manufacturing, food, etc., and are up to par with the international trade and manufacturing organizations’ standards.

We help you save on cost, time, and financial or business complications stemming from misunderstanding the target region’s language or mentality.

In need of additional business support? We will travel abroad to attend important business meetings, and offer our support and expertise in launching and developing your business successfully.

What's Next?

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