Human Resources

Human Resources

On outsourcing, high-quality manpower and fish

Don’t wait until you find skilled manpower for your business. Any ideas? Allow us to find the right employees for you – and get started!

The more the present business world expands in creativity and virtual ingenuity, it diminishes in the physical dimension.
What does this mean? Whereas in the past, businesses were based on large headquarters, multiple departments, equipment and mainly professional in-house manpower, more and more companies are foregoing the huge facility and recruiting and training of employees. Instead, they focus on developing their business idea while delegating the recruitment of suitable manpower to companies that specialize in outsourcing and rental of expert employees in a wide range of disciplines.

EASYTECH specializes in locating the needs of companies in a wide range of areas and matching quality, well-suited manpower to their needs.

EASYTECH has a large pool of outstanding professionals from a wide variety of disciplines, built over the years applying scrutiny and experience of repeated employment of many of them. Only the best employees have remained part of our cadre, forming the human capital we put at the disposal of our customer companies.
Years of experience enable us to specialize in matching the needs of companies to suitable employees, those we see as best-suited to the specific task at hand.

What are the advantages in this?

Accuracy: Instead of finding the right work for your employees, manpower rental enables you to find workers for a particular project for the period of time suited to you. This way, the most accurate employees will connect with you, professionals best qualified for the required assignment, such that will bring a fresh, innovative spirit to your project.
Employees chosen for a particular project tend to be exclusively focused on it, and thus make the work process shorter and more accurate, with good, high-quality results.
Savings in time: Finding employees for companies relieves them of manpower activity and enables them to focus on their current projects.
Savings in resources: Instead of employing regular employees over time, independent employees can be hired who come to the company for a specific project, and devote their time and knowledge. Sometimes they do not even work from the office rather from home, with more savings in the costs of employing them.

We and you

Among our employees we can find you: From secretaries to marketing managers, project managers, engineers, designers, programmers, hardware and software developers, team leaders, gemologists, product quality experts, and more.

Some of the employees we find you will be ‘close to home’; however, some will be able to join you even if located far away from your business. In such cases, we will assist you in operating these employees through the internet, Skype, and other platforms.
Thus, for example, we can find you engineers with whom we are in ongoing contact, some living in New Zealand, USA and throughout Europe. Another example is India, one of our bases of action, where we have put together a large group of programmers, engineers, designers and copywriters in the software and hardware areas. The amount of knowledge accumulated in this group is enormous; brainstorming enables a great deal of creativity, and costs of employments are reasonable.

Another important detail: We do not disengage once we have found you the right person.

On the contrary, we will now verify that we have indeed found the optimal person, and help you create a good relationship to your satisfaction throughout the process.  Still haven’t found what you’re looking for, or want to add more employees? We can do this ‘on the fly’, in cooperation with you.

To summarize: We do not do our customer’s work for them; rather, connect them to the human capital that will help them succeed in getting their business on track in as short a time as possible. If you want, we provide companies the best fishing poles with which to catch the biggest fish.